048 · How to Make Money Selling Your Hair

Yes, earning money by selling your hair is possible. Sure, it will only bring you a one-time income every X years (unless your hair grows at a supersonic speed), but it can bring in quite a bit of money. The following lines will try to explain the concept and give you some hints so that you can also sell yours—if you are interested.

What is it?

Wigmakers, hairdressers, wholesalers, hair salons… many people are looking for natural hair to use in the making of hair extensions, hairpieces, or wigs. Natural hair is particularly wanted for wigs and hairpieces because it gives a real look to the creations and allows the people who wear them to feel confident. For this reason, it is now possible to sell your hair, legally, and expect to make some money from it.

Who can do it?

This way to earn money is for people with long hair (yes, sorry bald guys 😋): below 20/30 cm in length, it will be difficult for you to sell it. And the longer that hair is, the more money you will receive in exchange. Moreover, the length is not the only criteria that counts. It is also necessary that the hairs are in very good condition, well maintained, and as natural as possible (no color or Brazilian straightening, perm…). So, if you want to sell your hair, it is important to take care of it with masks and other adapted products before looking for a buyer.

Who to contact?

The best way to sell your hair is to post ads on the internet or on social networks. There are specialized websites, such as Buyandsellhair.com or hairsellon.com. The principle is simple: You just have to pay a fee to put an ad online, and to add some pictures. Moreover, for all ads of this kind, it is recommended to put several photographs: one from a distance so that interested people can see the length, one up close, to show the quality of your hair, and some with your hair tied, or even braided. The ability to show multiple previews can be a key advantage over the competition.

The ad should also contain information about your hair, how it is treated, the number of washes per week, the shampoos and treatments used… The more information is given and the more you show the good health of your hair, the better!

Finally, in addition to the classified ads, you can also contact your hair salon, specialized schools or a wigmaker; they will be able to buy them themselves or redirect you to someone. It’s up to you to choose the highest bidder!

Once you’ve found your buyer, all you have to do is make an appointment with the hairdresser, collect your freshly cut hair, and send it off by parcel post—making sure you receive your payment beforehand, of course.

A young woman on the beach, her long blond hair in the wind Long, blond hair in excellent condition is the most expensive.

How much can you earn?

It is impossible to give an exact amount. It all depends on the offers, the competition, and your hair. Note that blond hair is the most sought after, followed by red hair, and then brown hair. Thick hair is also more popular. Natural, shiny, unbroken hair that shows no signs of having been altered in any way is also worth more than hair that shows signs of previous perms or coloring.

Finally, the length is the most determining factor: It is estimated that above 30 cm, prices can go up to 100/200 dollars, 400/800 dollars from 70 cm, and beyond 150 cm, we are talking about four figures between 2000 and 3000 dollars. This small additional income can therefore quickly become interesting for the simple action of cutting hair. The only disadvantage is that once the hair is cut, you have to wait a few years before you can start again (but you can always wear a wig in the meantime 🤪).


In fact, selling your hair is very simple: You just have to pick it up at the exit of the hairdresser rather than letting the salon get rid of it (or sell it themselves without telling you). Then, all you have to do is find a buyer, and the money arrives without you having to do anything. So, if you have long hair and don’t mind having a shorter cut, and you need to earn some money, don’t hesitate!


Environmental and climate change issues are more than ever at the heart of the concerns of this 21st century, which is why I am proposing a few ideas that will enable you to limit the negative impact that the implementation of this idea could have.

These solutions that I suggest are sometimes largely insufficient to compensate for these negative impacts, such as carbon offsetting. Unfortunately, there is not always an ideal and 100% efficient solution, far from it. And if you have others, please do not hesitate to share them in the comments below.

I don’t really see how this practice could harm the environment, but if you have an idea, feel free to share it in comments. But watch your water intake when you wash your hair 😉.


  • Easy to earn money


  • It is not a regular income
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