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The number of used cars for sale on the different specialized websites is sometimes quite impressive. On the other hand, the photos displayed are not always very attractive. Hence the idea of offering a quality photo service (and why not even video) that would allow the seller to boost the sale of their vehicle(s).

Have you ever been to a second-hand car sales website or even looked at the used car section of a local newspaper? I don’t know about you, but in my area, there are hundreds and sometimes even thousands of listings. And these used cars come in all colors, sizes, years, from wrecks to luxury sports cars.

However, I noticed that a lot of the pictures used to illustrate these classified ads are of rather poor quality, sometimes even really bad. Even if today’s smartphones allow you to take nice pictures, it seems that some sellers don’t know how to use them in an optimal way. Hence the idea, therefore, to offer a quality photo service, “ready to use”.

How do you get started?

The easiest way to start would be to post an ad in the middle of those displaying second-hand vehicles, but you could also identify ads with poor quality images and contact the seller to offer your services.

At the same time, don’t hesitate to post a few well-targeted ads on social networks. The goal is to reach individual sellers, but the ideal would be to find a professional who would call on you regularly.

And don’t forget to create a Facebook page and/or a small website where you can show off your various photographer talents. Post your most beautiful and enticing photos there to convince as many clients as possible.

Photography of a sport car

A Not So Simple Subject to Photograph

Indeed, if you think that photographing a car seems very simple, think again because it is quite technical. You will have to take into account different factors such as the background, the luminosity, the reflections on the bodywork, but also on the windows… In short, you will have to find an optimal place and possibly use additional sources of light (softbox, umbrella, reflectors…) before starting the shoot.

If you are not a photographer or if you lack experience, I strongly advise you to practice well beforehand and to see how the professionals who illustrate the catalogs of the big car brands do it. There are also some articles, like here, here, and here for example, where you will find some good advice to start well.

In terms of equipment, even if the latest high-end smartphones have a very powerful camera embedded, I think that an SLR or other camera with interchangeable lenses is necessary. Sometimes you will need a long focal length (200 or 300mm) as well as a wide angle depending on the circumstances. But there is no need to break the bank with very expensive equipment. You can start with an entry-level kit and buy more powerful equipment as you go along. Don’t forget to buy a good tripod, a few reflectors of different sizes, and two soft light boxes for shooting in dark places.

Finally, learn how to use image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop,Lightroom, or others. With them, you can turn an ordinary image into an eye-catching work of art.

Types of Vehicles to Photograph

Of course, it’s not just cars. There are plenty of other vehicles you could photograph such as motorcycles, trucks, etc., but also residential vehicles (towed caravans, RVs…) whose interior is sometimes very spacious and therefore requires more time to photograph.

And maybe there is even a market for luxury vehicles in your area? I am thinking, for example, of sports cars or vintage cars, but also of aerial vehicles such as helicopters and private planes…

If you think about it, you will quickly realize that the market is quite large and varied and that any private object that allows you to move and has a certain value can be targeted. The only condition being, of course, that the vehicle has a sufficiently high selling price, so that the seller can call upon your services.

What about video?

As for the photo, I think that there must be a market there too. You only have to look at some of the commercials promoting the latest models to understand the potential of video. It often costs more (material, team work, editing time…), but the results are often spectacular. It is a track to explore.


Photographing cars is an activity that has potential but only if you live in a place where there is both a high population density and above all a market conducive to it. Sorry if you live in a small village in Pampa (which, by the way, is a beautiful region).

However, it requires real skills and a minimum of equipment in order to produce quality work. But if you are good at it and manage to capture beautiful images, there is a good chance that you will be successful.


Environmental and climate change issues are more than ever at the heart of the concerns of this 21st century, which is why I am proposing a few ideas that will enable you to limit the negative impact that the implementation of this idea could have.

These solutions that I suggest are sometimes largely insufficient to compensate for these negative impacts, such as carbon offsetting. Unfortunately, there is not always an ideal and 100% efficient solution, far from it. And if you have others, please do not hesitate to share them in the comments below.

The big drawback to this activity is that you may need a vehicle to transport all the equipment needed for the photoshoot, especially if you need to bring the softboxes which are often heavy and cumbersome. Try to take public transportation, when possible, otherwise you may want to rent a car for the day. And if you really must buy a car, choose a fuel-efficient one or better yet, an electric vehicle if you can afford it.

The other thing you might want to pay attention to is the computer equipment you will use for photo editing. Laptops, for example, consume much less energy than desktop models and already include a good quality screen. It is, therefore, often also more economical. You don’t need to buy 3 screens to be able to work properly, one is enough. But here again, if you want to add a bigger or better one, there are screens that consume less energy than others.


  • A low-stress artistic job
  • The opportunity to get up close and personal with some pretty amazing vehicles


  • Income difficult to estimate
  • Slightly high investment

Disclaimer, please read this Legal and administrative aspects of the ideas you'll find on Sweekr are rarely discussed because they vary greatly depending on the country you live in. I would advise you to check with your local government before starting any business. Keep in mind that if you make money, the state will ask for "its share" in order to guarantee the proper functioning of schools, hospitals and other public services. Therefore, you will probably have to acquire a micro-entrepreneur status, or any other similar.
Also, be aware that this post may contain affiliate links, and I may get compensated a commission at no extra cost to you if you click on the affiliate links and subsequently make a purchase. This will help maintain the site, so thank you.

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