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Here’s another idea for teenagers (and maybe also for kids old enough) but also for young adults. The idea is simple: Find dog owners who are too lazy to walk their dogs and offer to do it for them—for a few bucks.

This idea is mainly aimed at teenagers and young adults, but there is actually no age limit for this activity. As long as you know how to walk and have enough strength to contain the ardor of some young dogs (some of them can be quite massive), there is nothing to prevent you from doing it.

The Principle

The principle is simple: You look for neighbors, friends, or family (living not too far from your home) who own a dog and would be willing to pay a certain amount of money for you to take their dog for a walk. Offer an hourly or flat fee, and offer to walk them several times a week or even once or twice a day. Now, you won’t make a lot of money, but it’s a really easy and stress-free job.

The kind of walks you will have to do will vary according to the character of each dog (and the owner’s wishes). Some will be happy with a walk around the block while others will need wide open spaces and nature. Be careful to ask the owner if he allows you to release him or not in certain places (depending on the laws in force).

Finding Clients

If you don’t know anyone around you who owns a dog, you can always offer your services in the neighborhood. To do this, you could print small advertising cards and distribute them in mailboxes, among passers-by, or at the exit of the local supermarket. And, use word of mouth as well; it is often very effective.

Go to the luxury hotels nearby and ask the manager if you could offer your services to his clients. This should go well if you present yourself well and show them that you already do this regularly. The same goes for restaurants and other similar places where there are people and dogs.

And then there are also some platforms (local or international) on the Internet where you can register and offer your services. A little Google search should help you find them easily.

Be Credible

If your intention is to start this activity and make it a real business, then it will be essential to prove your reliability and efficiency. For this, the best way is to have a presence on the web and to post a maximum of photos, videos, but also testimonials of satisfied customers. You could therefore either:

You could even use several of these options since each of them offers specific features and tools. And then, after that, it will be useful to launch advertising campaigns on Google and social networks.

The Constraints

So, it’s true you’ll only have to walk around all day with one or more dogs, but this activity also implies some responsibilities. First of all, dogs make poop, and in many places it has become mandatory for the owner of the dog (or the one who walks it) to pick the poop up. I know, it’s a bit disgusting at first, but you’ll get used to it. And, make sure you always take special bags with you (they are often provided by the client but not always). You can throw them in the first trash can you come across. Do this, even if it is not mandatory. There is nothing more unpleasant than stepping on dog poop, even if it’s with your left foot.

Also be careful because some of these canines have a very high value, not only sentimental but also financial. For example, a Löwchen is worth an average of $12,000 and a Samoyed can exceed $15,000. So, understand that if, because of a moment of inattention, you find the dog bathing in a pool of blood under a 35-ton truck, its owner may not only forgo giving you a tip but also claim damages (think of getting insurance perhaps). Beware also of kidnapping. This does not happen so rarely, especially in some countries (ask around).

Finally, be aware that some dogs can become very aggressive when they meet others. Be sure that you are in control of the situation, that you get along well with your dog, and that he obeys your commands.

And to close this article, I propose you this link where you will find some very useful advices to make the walk with your dogs go smoothly.


Environmental and climate change issues are more than ever at the heart of the concerns of this 21st century, which is why I am proposing a few ideas that will enable you to limit the negative impact that the implementation of this idea could have.

These solutions that I suggest are sometimes largely insufficient to compensate for these negative impacts, such as carbon offsetting. Unfortunately, there is not always an ideal and 100% efficient solution, far from it. And if you have others, please do not hesitate to share them in the comments below.

Nothing to report here, except if you decide to walk the dog by plane, and in this case, it is very polluting. Just try to use biodegradable bags to pick up the poop from your dogs and you’ll be good.


  • A stress-free little job.
  • Nice walks in perspective.


  • You will have to pick up the poop.
  • This implies some responsibilities.
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