Welcome, What is Sweekr?

Welcome, I explain here why it is so complicated to find a good idea to make money on the Web and how this site will greatly facilitate the task. We will see in detail the different functionalities that I integrated on Sweekr and will begin by explaining to you how this idea came to me.

A Word of Welcome

First of all, let me welcome you to sweekr.com. I spent a lot of time creating it, making it as clear, intuitive and enjoyable as possible, adding all the features that I think are useful. So I hope you enjoy your trip through its pages.

A Brief History

To begin, let me tell you the wonderful story of this site (yes, yes, I insist!). Not so long ago, I was looking for an idea that would allow me to live while travelling, or even to expatriate myself. The Web is made up of several billion pages, so it was with great hope and confidence that I began to launch various searches on Google, varying combinations of keywords and convinced myself that my happiness was only a few clicks away.

Ideas, I’ve found tons… but I cannot count the number of websites, blogs, ebooks, PDFs, podcasts, and videos that I’ve read, listened to, and watched during the days that followed, before finding some interesting ones. Because not only are they scattered quite haphazardly on the web, but we also need to filter them according to certain personal criteria such as our skills, our desires, our needs, our availability, etc. In short, it’s a quest that can take a long time to find something that really suits us. It is this observation that gave me the idea to create this site.

Every Problem Has Its Solution

My thinking was: why not list all these ideas, as well as new ones, on one site and filter them in the same way as when looking for an article on an online store, using a multi-criteria filter? Having access to a multitude of ideas while being able to target your research precisely, that’s what was missing in the world! Well, I still had a little doubt so I went for a walk on Google in French and English to make sure that it did not already exist. Having found nothing similar, I did not hesitate a single second and went straight ahead.

Turbo boost lawn mower

Nope! Not like that 😁

The 5 Main Points

Sweekr.com is not just an idea book flanked by a search filter. It’s much more ambitious because it also has other elements to support and facilitate the implementation of each of them. Here are, in detail, the four points around which the site revolves.

1 Strong database

My goal is not to list absolutely all the ideas that we find on the Internet, but the most interesting, original, and especially those which, in my opinion, possess a real lucrative potential. One of the strengths of this site also lies in the possibility for anyone to submit an idea via the form dedicated to this purpose.

2 A search engine

Yes, well, what pompously enough call (I must admit) a “search engine” is actually a search filter. But hey, “engine” sounds better. Anyway, after testing countless times, I can tell you that it is really effective. Here is the list of search criteria available today. There are 12 at the moment, but other criteria will likely be added later (if you have suggestions, please share).

  • Minimum investment amount required
  • Earnings outlook
  • Risk level
  • Affinities
  • Talents
  • Time spent on project
  • Ideas for sedentary or nomad
  • Material available (computer, camera, car…)
  • Good ideas for our planet
  • Ideas for minors
  • Ideas for the lazy
  • No skill required

3 Articles for action

The site also contains a blog, but rather than talk about me or my psychopath cat (I don’t have cat!), I wanted to write articles whose content contains a wealth of practical advice to help potential self-entrepreneurs to embark on adventures.

I know how difficult it can be for some to venture into the unknown and these items are there so they do not feel alone with the billions of issues that revolve around them like mosquitoes on a summer night in the Tropics.

Examples of items that are already online, but others are being drafted or planned.

4 Sweekr, a community site

From the beginning, it seemed important to me to facilitate the exchanges between the different members of Sweekr. Whether it is to allow them to simply chat around a topic, exchange advice, ask questions, or even embark on a common project.

Thus I have put in place some tools to encourage community:

  • A discussion forum.
  • An internal and private messaging service.
  • A comment space at the bottom of each article posted.
  • The ability to personalise your personal space (Profile and cover image, personal and/or professional information, links to social media, etc.).
  • A wall similar to Facebook where everyone can share what they want (progress of a project, images, videos, mood, etc.).

5 An environmental and social approach

I have been interested in environmental matters for a long time. So the need to include this topic in every idea developed on Sweekr was obvious to me from the beginning. That’s why you’ll find an “Ecotips” section at the end of each article. These tips help others understand how some business ideas can be harmful for our beautiful planet, but also and most importantly to give ways to limit these negative impacts.

It’s not always easy, and sometimes I don’t have a solution for some ideas, either because I can’t find any, or because there simply aren’t any yet (and so we have to create them). That’s why I also rely a lot on the help of my readers. In other words, if any of you have additional information on a specific idea, you are warmly invited to share your opinion in the comments. 😉

You can also find eco-friendly ideas among those already published. You will easily recognize them thanks to the icon (the little green leaf) located in the lower right corner of each item in the list. Also, a specific box has been added in the search filter, so you just have to check it to display all of them.

Climate and environmental issues (but also social inequalities, as well as human and animal rights) are more crucial than ever, and the decisions we all make today will have a definite impact on future generations, but also on the younger ones already here. This criterion must be taken into consideration by anyone wishing to start (or already managing) a business, whatever it is. It is our responsibility as citizens of this blue planet.

So that’s it for the 5 points that form the basis of Sweekr. Not bad, right? 😊



With globalisation and the relocation of the work that it generates, the explosive technological advances of robotics, especially in companies, the pressure to be ever more productive that weighs on the shoulders of workers, the ever-increasing burnout epidemic which is rife in Western countries, or the new financial crisis that is coming, and of course, the countless job losses resulting from the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, I am convinced that micro-entrepreneurship will convince more and more people.

Sometimes, when I walk in the streets of Bangkok or in any other place full of activities, I see these mini-shops, these artisans, these artists, and these street restaurants, the smile that these workers free of hierarchical pressure often show (they probably have other pressures, I must admit), I tell myself that the future and happiness may be there. Work for yourself, decide whom to surround yourself with, make your own decisions, be the master of your future, and work every day to ensure a happy future for yourself and your family.

Let us be clear, I totally agree that it will always be necessary to have workers and employees to run the factories and companies that provide us with useful goods and services, and even indispensable for some, but also doctors, teachers, farmers, etc. I’m just saying that having this freedom to choose should be facilitated. This is precisely the purpose of this site.

This article could be completed or improved with your help. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any question, a relevant remark, a feedback, additional information or spotted any error.Go to comments



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