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About us

Find out more about Sweekr and its creator

About Sweekr

About this site and its author

Sweekr.com is a community Website listing all kinds of ideas that allow everyone to generate financial income. It also provides advice to help and guide those who would like to use and start one of those ideas.

Who did not wish one day to change his life?

Whether we are employees, workers, self-employed, unemployed, students, travellers, artists, thinkers and whatever our age, ethnic origins, or beliefs, virtually all of us have dreamed of another life. This need for change varies according to the individual, of course, because for some people, a simple income supplement would be enough to make them happy. Others dream of travel or expatriation, a beautiful house or gleaming cars, living for their Art or their passion… But these dreams almost invariably collide with various obstacles that may seem insurmountable and: The lack of self-confidence that persuades us that we will not be able to, the fear of changes or exit from comfort zone, hesitation and indecision, lack of idea or thinking that the idea we have is unrealistic, the feeling of being alone and even marginal compared to the others who live “normally”.

I personally recognize myself in this description, and it sparked the idea of creating this Website. The purpose of its existence is thus numerous: To propose ideas, to help with their implementations, to answer the questions, and to offer a space of discussion open to all. In other words, if you’re looking for an idea, you’ll get plenty of it, and our exclusive search engine is there to make things easier for you. If you don’t know where to start, read our blog; and if you have any questions, go to the FAQ section or ask them on the forum or in the comments at the bottom of each article. If you feel lonely about your project or want to talk about it, discuss it with other users on our forum. In short, this is the perfect place for anyone who decides to act in order to live the life he truly desires.

Ideas ?

You will, thus, find tons of ideas to help you achieve this goal. These ideas, of which new ones are added regularly, are proposed by the creator of this website or by the users who can submit them via the dedicated form for this purpose. Some of them are gleaned on the Internet, in magazines and various sources and media while others aretotally original and derived from creative and fertile minds.

As mentioned above, sweekr.com has an exclusive search engine, enabling everyone to target the ideas that best suit you. When you go to the “Ideas” section, you’ll notice the form just to the right of the items list (or above if you’re on a mobile). This form contains parameters that you can modify at will and which will refine your search results.

The blog

The purpose of the blog is to address key, sometimes even crucial, issues that relate directly to the various ways of earning money but also to answer most of the questions that anyone who decides to undertake or hesitate should or could probably arise.

Moreover, in order to share and benefit from the experience of some people more or less known and having already done well in what they have undertaken, interviews will be regularly published on this same blog. I would like to take this opportunity to make an appeal: If you have succeeded and gained certain notoriety in your sector or you personally know someone in this case who would agree to answer a few questions, please contact me.

“Making money”: is it the only purpose of this site?

At the risk of appearing paradoxical, and even if the whole site revolves around this theme, the answer is no. In my opinion, money is not an end but a means. This being said, one must be realistic and admit that without money, unless one wants to go to be a hermit in a remote corner of the Himalayas, the prospects for change are rather reduced. The goal here is to help those who wish to realize a dream or a project, to have time to devote to their family, their passion or their art, find a way out of their current job and mortal boredom, no more duty to support an irascible boss or an incompetent hierarchical superior, to be free to organize their lives, to find something they like to do, or simply to find a place in the society, etc. This site is intended for them.

About the author of this site
  • Name : Pierre Fera
  • Living in Brussels (Belgium)
  • Profession : Freelance Webmaster/photographer
  • Website : dragoweb.be
  • Email : mail [at] sweekr.com – Send me an email

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